Sunday, July 21, 2013

Not So Peachie!

Alright! I give in....I am throwing my hands up and asking for H-E-L-P! "No question is a dumb question" as we have all told our students. Well, let me take my own advice and ask for help. I have read....I thought anyway, all some of the blogs that detailed on how to claim your blog and so forth. I did that, but I can't get my pictures to follow along with me. I even reloaded some of them, but you can't see them until you go to the actual blog page not the bloglovin' home page. Is there anyone who has had this problem? Is there anyone who can help me fix this problem? I tried to claim my blog on feed-burner as it was suggested,but it said that I had already claimed it. Bloglovin' support team told me to contact whoever my blog is through, but I thought we were all in this together....OMG I can't take this and the AC is out-the repair man comes on MONDAY...stress and heat don't go well together! I'm melting...(In my Wicked Witch of the West voice)...LOL   

Sunday, July 7, 2013

What is Really Going On?

Okay, I have never proclaimed to be a computer wiz, but I thought that I was okay to handle the daily ins and outs of blogging. However, bloglovin' is taking me for a whirl because my pictures didn't transfer. I'm not sure what happened. I saw them and then I didn't. I guess because everything is final now....I have to upload my pictures again...OMG...just bear with me.
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