Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter Activities

I have been so busy these pass months with working and leading my daughter’s literature circle at school plus a ton of other things and when I thought that I could slow down! My mommy had an emergency and now she is living with me for a while. I love it! I love being with her and taking care of her. She is such an awesome mommy and she makes me laugh EVERYDAY!
She has Parkinson’s and it has slowed her down a bit and so she will be with me until after the holidays. I wish it could be forever. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I am delighted that she is here because it is so hard to share with her what I am doing since she doesn't have the internet and it is a lot trying to pack all that I want to tell her in a text message to my sister’s iPhone…lol. Anyway, she is here and the whole family is thrilled. She is my BEST-FRIEND! Since I won’t be adding anything else to my store expect one more product for the winter season, I thought that I would pack it all in one BIG post and so here it is-all the goodies that you can use to take you through the holiday/winter season. These packets are great for math/literacy centers, whole & small groups as well as it will complement any lesson plan. I updated several packets and I am still working on the last one, but I won’t be making anything else until about February. Also, don’t forget to check out my Year in Review for the New Year! I wish you all the best and a Happy & Safe  Holiday! As Always Thanks for Following Me :)    

 Winter Activities to last
 the whole season long!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Long Day!

I have been running all day! I woke up this morning and got my daughter ready for school…normal, but my god-daughter came over at the last minute and spent the night...totally threw me. I went to bed late and woke up late which is okay for me and daughter since we only live four houses away from her school, but my god-daughter's school is almost a 15 minute drive with traffic and we didn't get up after 7 and they still needed to eat breakfast and shower. I usually cook breakfast, but this was going to have to be cereal morning. I got the girls ready-curls, ribbons and all. My daughter was on time, but my god-daughter was going to be late! OMG...her mother dropped her book-bag off after they went to sleep and she didn't want to go to school without finishing her HW :( What was I supposed to say? She finished it in the car. WHEW! Then when I returned home...I washed the dishes-cleaned the kitchen, living room, bathroom, mopped all over and cleaned base boards. Then I walked the dog and stopped by his Vet which is at the end of his walk to drop off his poop. Can you say too much? Then we walked back home. It was 11 a.m. Then I took my son to his Japanese class. He has to be there by 11:45...I took a break and went to Moe's for lunch, but I wasn't hungry so I just ate my queso and chips. My son's class was over at 1:00 and then I took him to his next school to pick-up his work for the rest of the week and then we made a few more stops before heading home. Okay, by now my head is bobbing in the car and it is not because of the music. I was totally exhausted. Thank God my husband picked up our daughter and cooked dinner before he went to work because I fell asleep when my body hit the sofa. So now I'm up late and just remembered that I have literature circles with my daughter's class tomorrow or today depending on when you read this. LOL. I updated the rubric because it was OLD...it had ran through the copier too many times and needed a complete overhaul (Yes. I like that show :)  We will be reading and discussing the book Frindle by Andrew Clements. Click the link to get the updated Literature Circles Rubric. Goodnight or Good morning.   

PS Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors...ZZZZZZZZZZ             

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Word Search & FREEBIE!

I really don’t have much to say. We are getting ready to go to our state fair-Yippee! I will post pics tomorrowJ. However, I do want to say “Hello & Thanks” to my new followers. It’s been almost a year since I started blogging (I know you can’t tell by the number of followers...lol) and I hope this year I will stay focused and not have too many or none at all life changing events. I have been working all this week updating my products and making new ones. I will post pics of the products within the weeks to come, but now I have a fall freebie to celebrate my onward journey in the blogging world. My Fall Word Search is a cute mini packet designed to go with any fall lesson. The packet includes 3 word searches w/ answer key. I also put the word searches on a beautiful fall chevron background that you can laminate and place in your literacy center for endless searches. Click here for your free word search! Visit my TpT store to grab the complete packet. Note:The freebie will look a little funky in Google Docs until you download it. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Currently November

WOW! I haven’t linked up awhile….since all of the blog to this and blog to that came about. I really was out of the loop and not to add some other life changing events. However, I feel a little better and now it’s back to what I love-anything and everything teacher related. Also, I would like to take this time to thank you guys who followed me to Bloglovin’ it really means a lot. I so heart you!  Now let’s link it! I"m so excited to link up with Oh, Boy Fourth Grade  to share my Currently for November!

Click for Recipe

    My Yummy Treat

   Need I say More J

Friday, November 1, 2013

Math Story Starters

Hello and good morning :) I really need to get better at blogging. I have been so busy working, taking care of my family, making TpT products (I have three ready to go FINALLY!) and loving on our new little one-Mojo. Any who, I love word problems!  I believe they are so great at getting the wheels turning in little minds. Then I had an Aha moment of how can I make their little minds think even more-critical thinking! Math Story Starters-how cute is that! We have them for language/reading activities why not math. The students create story/word problems from the picture provided and they can add to the picture as well by drawing. They write the key words they used and write the number sentence to solve the problem.  I also included a graphic organizer to enlarge or use on your over-head (everyone is not as blessed to have SMART Boards) essential questions and a blank copy to really get it going. It is really fun to see all of the amazing math stories they come up with and solve. Teachers can work on addition problems for a day or a week then take the same activity and ask students, “How can we make this a subtraction story/word problem?” This activity is a great resource  for introducing story/word problems, whole class, independent, small groups, morning work,  homework  as well as ELLs because of the pictures and easy to read language.   Click the link to download preview. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween FREEBIE!

On Saturday I was putting together an AWESOME-too cute packet from Kristen at A Day in First Grade. However, after a long search for the buckets and straws at Hobby Lobby I realized that I would have to come up with a new way of doing my tallies. So I made Tally! I found most of the items needed from Target, but the Lobby was empty. I got my canisters from Wal-Mart and the colorful  cocktail stirrers  from Party City to use for the tally marks. (I forgot to tell my daughter to demonstrate the tally marks -sorry.)Then I realized that Halloween is almost here and that I had not given away any goodies to all my trick-or-treaters so here it is! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Wonderful World of Math: Kindergarten

WOW. This has been a crazy week! I have been subbing for two weeks and finally got took a break for the rest of the week. I have taught Orders of Operation to 8th grade boys (pays to pay attention in class never know when you might need it :), graded SLOs for 1st and second grade, substituted for 1st grade and 8th grade ELA and did other assessments throughout. I'm tried! My daughter is thrilled; it has been hard for her to adjust from me being at home to working all day even though we did this last year. Did I mention that teachers now have extended hours 7: 20 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.?! Yes, ladies we can't clock out until FIVE! My brain is pretty scrambled by 2...LOL. Anywhoo, the kids are trying adjusting as best as they can. I love the school and the students are GREAT...the hours are just so loooooooooooong! However, I have been working on several products as usual… LOL

The school year is back and I am so excited to provide teachers with a wonderful packet to start off the new school year! This packet is jammed packed with great hands-on activities that would be just wonderful to start the school year off with or wait until September when the apples are just ripe for the picking! This packet can be used for homework, cooperative learning, math centers, homework, RTI, morning work and the like. 
  Kindergartners love to count and these worksheets which can also be laminated (just directions on top) and made into math centers. Is a 

 is great way to help students reinforce their counting skills. 

An apple of the teacher! What a great way to start off your apple theme or the month of September than with these adorable apple counting mats. I have also included number cards 0-100 that can be used all year long with addition and subtraction problem cards for large or small group activities.  Also, there are before and after worksheets that can be used with the counting cards as well.  Students will love creating their own Counting Apples Books using finger-paint, stickers, markers or whatever you can in your art closet.  Teachers can also enlarge a tree and place it in the math center along with number cards and apples for he students to work with independently or in pairs

Math stories are a wonderful way for students to really get to thinking about math through drawings or using manipulatives. I have created a set that allows for students to practice doing both. FYI: I like to print the worksheets with the manipulatives in different colors so that when the students are working they don't get the cards mixed up and fuss about who has their cards. This also can be made into a math center by following the same directions. Print desired amount on to colored card stock, laminate, cut the the cards from the bottom of the page (you will still have a border), label and place in a zip-clock along with a dry erase marker and a 1/4 of a Mister Clean eraser :) I like to use large envelopes or gift boxes from the dollar store so that my activities won't bend.    
Math Center: Counting and graphing is always fun especially when it's a game! Again, I have made matching counting cards (0-20) that can be used the whole year. The "counting clouds" worksheets/mats  are differentiated for each child's level of learning. Teachers can also use the clouds to play "Find your Number" by giving each student a card tell them to find their match or tape them to the floor and play musical numbers. They will also look great posted in the classroom. I have also included a Spin-n-Graph Game with recording sheets. 

As a BONUS, I have added a sight word cut & paste activity that I hope will help you reinforce those many words that we all must teach the little ones. Now that you know a little about my Wonderful World, I hope that you will stop by and check it out!   

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hi ya'll! I know it has been a long time since I last blogged. I was on a roll until we switched to bloglovin'...I know, I know that I should be over it, but it put in non-motivated mood. However, I must move on and get back to blogging. I have been working on several TpT products and Fan Freebies which I hope to post soon. I am sitting now in my friend's classroom as she reviews with her second graders before their quiz on the Creek Indians. This has been a busy years so far. I have been working with the teachers as they complete their SLOs for the beginning of the school year. I was so excited to see the students work on my "What's My Value?" packet during math. I hope to have that packet posted on TpT soon. Anyway, I hope that everyone has a great weekend as I try to get back into the swing of the things. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Not So Peachie!

Alright! I give in....I am throwing my hands up and asking for H-E-L-P! "No question is a dumb question" as we have all told our students. Well, let me take my own advice and ask for help. I have read....I thought anyway, all some of the blogs that detailed on how to claim your blog and so forth. I did that, but I can't get my pictures to follow along with me. I even reloaded some of them, but you can't see them until you go to the actual blog page not the bloglovin' home page. Is there anyone who has had this problem? Is there anyone who can help me fix this problem? I tried to claim my blog on feed-burner as it was suggested,but it said that I had already claimed it. Bloglovin' support team told me to contact whoever my blog is through, but I thought we were all in this together....OMG I can't take this and the AC is out-the repair man comes on MONDAY...stress and heat don't go well together! I'm melting...(In my Wicked Witch of the West voice)...LOL   

Sunday, July 7, 2013

What is Really Going On?

Okay, I have never proclaimed to be a computer wiz, but I thought that I was okay to handle the daily ins and outs of blogging. However, bloglovin' is taking me for a whirl because my pictures didn't transfer. I'm not sure what happened. I saw them and then I didn't. I guess because everything is final now....I have to upload my pictures again...OMG...just bear with me.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's All About the GELDS!

Georgia Early Learning & Development Standards also known as GELDS have finally been made available for the upcoming school year. I am so excited to share with you these new standards that are aligned with the Common Core Standards for grades K-12. GELDS will take the place of the Content Standards that we PK teachers in Georgia have used for years. They were great standards, but this is much better. I have taken the time to compile these standards into an easy checklist for PK teachers. The checklists are color-coded to match the GELDS, which you can access from the Bright from the Start website. Also, I have divided them into fall/spring, months/weeks so that it will be easy for you to use when you are creating your lesson plans, differentiating instruction, preparing for a conference and the like. Also, there is a sheet for "teacher's notes" that you can print on the back of each checklist to help you remember important dates, concerns and so forth. I know that Georgia's PK teachers are ready and excited about using these new standards. I hope that this checklist will make it easier for PK teachers public or private in Georgia or out of state to plan and implement instruction. Click "checklist" to visit my TpT store.     

Friday, June 28, 2013

Bloglovin' 2

Okay, I must admit that I really didn't want to do the whole bloglovin' thing...I made it more than it had to be ,but it was SUPER easy. I am moved and I hope that the rest of my followers come along with me on our new adventures in Blog Land. Thank you to the 13 ( which is my number for change- see 13 is not so bad) followers that are with me on bloglovin' that means a lot. Sorry, I haven't been blogging my daughter and son want all of my time and when I sit in front of this computer their faces get sad so...I'm sure you understand. I'm working on finishing my products and getting things ready for my End of the Summer and Back to School giveaways..OMG! My first time...I hope it goes well.  Again, thanks and see you all on the other side. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ten Pin Linky Party

Let's Party! I know I'm late...sorry.
I was so busy yesterday with my son's writer's workshop and then we stayed at the library with the girls to watch a movie.
So much fun, but I am ready to go to the beach!  

#1 Okay...it took me about 30 minutes to write this one..LOL I got caught-up on
Mel D's blog Seusstastic Classroom! This was pinned on Pinterest as well as featured last year on Classroom Management Linky Party. 

#2 How cute is this! This a great pin from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten blog. This is a great management system!  
#3 How about cocoa with the teacher!
 Visit The Creative Classroom or Pinterest  to see how to implement  this management system in your classroom. 

#4 This is a great little management system to aid in the art of tattling. Click HERE  to Pint it! Also, check out Amanda at  First Grade Garden  for more great management ideas.  

#5 The title says it all. Click HERE to Pin it! 
# 6 Body Language & Classroom Management 
Click HERE to see why he is so happy! 
 #7 I wish I had this sign when I was teaching PK. I can't count the number of times that I experienced my students having to leave a learning center to go the the restroom or any area that they working in for a moment and return only to find someone in their place. OMG...now the augments and/or crying begins. This is a great pin & it was also featured on Classroom Freebies too!  
#8 Group Management System shared
 by the Substitute Teacher. Don't forget to Pin it!  
#9   Classroom Manager Positions! Can you think up 24 manager positions? I can't, but Rockin' and Teachin' in 4th Grade did! 
#10 Please Stop! 
I absolutely love this management system.
 I am printing it out today! 
It's not on Pinterest, but I found it on the same blog as #9. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Had to Have It!

It rained today :( I couldn't go running.  I have ran in the rain before, but I wan't feeling a "Rocky" moment. I also had tutoring at 9 a.m and I stayed up so late again last night. I started talking to my mommy at about 3:45-yes, in the morning until about 6:30 then I took a nap and got back up around 8 or so..I'm tired nopw so please excurse  excuse any typos. This is the only think thing that got me through the day. What was yours? 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Super Soul Sunday & Freebie Too!

I love Super Soul Sunday with Oprah! It really gets your mind thinking. It has helped me to learn more about myself (realize what  I didn't want to realize :) as well as has helped me to continue my spiritual journey to become more one with God and the plans that He has for my life. If you ever get a chance to watch it please do..it really is a life-changer! I leave you with this & a freebie too: Bishop T.D. Jakes: How to Use Your Time Effectively and Purposefully

Click HERE for  your freebie! Keep it Peachie 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Good Morning Bloggers!

Well, it is 8:08 on a beautiful Saturday morning after all the rain. Today I am going to do absolutely NOTHING, but sleep. I haven't slept since yesterday...I know...working! So I am saying good night and have a great day and I will see you all tomorrow. 


Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday!

There are so many parties that I can't keep up! However, this is one party that I can't miss! How much fun is it to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching every Friday?! It's great fun to share my Five for Friday with you! 


1. I just finished writing my post cards to send to my kindergarten class that I long termed for the this year! 
I wish that I would have known
 about Doodle Bugs's  postcards :(  

2. Why am I still working on my Community Helper's lesson plan? I am trying to wrap it up, but I keep adding to it.  I changed the cover and I added more activities. I MUST find an end to this!Not to mention that I am working on at least six different ideas. When my ideas hit me-I set them up on my computer so that I won't forget. Does anyone else have this problem when working on their lessons?  

3.  Children love to be active and since I taught PK for so long I really don't know how to sit still..LOL I got this ball activity from our wonderful teacher resource center that the county is trying to close! 
4. SOAPBOX: I love-love-love my county's teacher resource center. My husband calls it The Teacher Hall of Fame! It is a place where I get to go and share ideas, "teacher-talk" and make AMAZING things for my class for little of nothing. I have spent hours upon hours there. It is filled with games to make, die-cuts, computers, button makers, books & resources to check-out just to name a few, but most of all it is filled with TEACHERS! It is filled with teachers from public, private, home-schools and so on. It's main focus is to help special need students which is really wonderful. Parents of special need students can come and check- out materials for their child. It is really an amazing place. It is a place where teachers can build relationships with other teachers and network. I just don't understand why something so important is on the chopping block. The center's hours & days have been cut. They have fired  & forced fantastic workers into early retirement as well as  relocated others. Teachers don't get paid a lot of money...we teach because it is our life's calling. Why is it that when it is for us and our students we get short-handed and put at the back of the line or left out to fend for ourselves?    

Okay..back to the party! 
Cleaver Catch is the name of this learning activity. I have about six of them, but none of them are in my grade range. I keep them because you never know! Anyway, I wanted to make my own "cleaver catch" so I went to the Dollar Tree and I purchased a beach ball. Then I outlined the ball into sections and just added random questions....some which are not K appropriate :/   

Ta-da! My very own cleaver catch! However, I think that this would be great for everyone so I am creating a set to give away as a freebie! (I need a name-any ideas? ) All you have to do is  print the questions out onto clear labels and randomly place them on your beach ball. Directions will be included.  

5.  Is this not the cutest doggie EVER! Unfortunately, I only found one:( I called every Dollar Tree in my city and checked their website. I was planning to use this to make individual trash cans for my students (groups). I saw on another blog how a teacher gave each group of students their own trash can. ( If you know who...let me know so that I can give credit.)  I thought that I would take it a step further and add a small dust pan to the side of the trashcan with a hook added and then add white polka dots to a medium size black trashcan.  I guess I will keep looking or just have random animals if possible...noooo! I have to have my polka dots :)  

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ten Pin Linky Party!

What a great idea for a linky party! I linked up with Ashley at  Just Reed to share my obsession 10 favorite Pinterest Pins related to a given topic. This week Ashley chose Classroom Decor!  
Let's Knock'em Down! 

1. I adore the way Michelle at Apples and ABC's decorated her classroom for open house. It is so fun and full of color which I love! She also did an  awesome job at displaying what her children learned...it was more than just art. 
2. This is one of my absolute favorites! I don't know if this counts as decor, but the dots are really cute! This idea will for sure eliminate running, pushing and "sticking" line. This is a classroom saver! I would love to give credit to this awesome idea, but my Pinterest  button won't go the website. If you know the person please inform me so that I can give credit where credit is due. THX
3. Anything that School Girl Style  creates is AWESOME! She really takes decorating your classroom to another level. I love the Road Trip theme because learning is a  continuous journey. 
This is the perfect classroom decor for me. 
4. I  am crazy for  polka- dots! Erica Bohrer  really hit it out of the ball park with all her amazing designs for the upcoming school year. Polka-dots are taking over in every color and I simply love it!   
5. What a wonderful DIY shared by A First Grade Journey is a great way to add additional seating to any classroom....Can anyone say CHEVRON?! 

6.  Glitzy in First Grade created a great space for her students.  
Great Job Mrs. Hubble!

7. This is so adorable! Please visit Squish Preschool Ideas 
for a variety of classroom decor ideas! 

  8. I'm not a math genius, but I think this is an awesome way to tell time. If you want it click HERE to order. 

 9. This is a great addition to any classroom!
Follow the link to pin-it! 
10. I don't turn on the lights in my classroom. I use natural like which I love! I like this because it is not too bright and I can use it where I might need extra lighting w/o having to turn on the classroom lights.  Also, if you know who created this please let me know so that I can give credit. Click HERE to pin-it! 
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