Saturday, June 6, 2015

Spotlight Saturday: Getting Back In!

Thank goodness for Spotlight Saturdays! It is so wonderful to be back blogging and connecting with so many wonderful teachers. Thank you all for sharing your ideas with us and thank you Erin of Kindergarten Dragons for putting this all together. Okay, I will share what I can and try my best to stick to the rules. I am not in the classroom technically anymore, but I have many more students. I am the Lead Teacher for my school’s after-school program. We received a grant which allows us to have STEAM be a part of our after-school program. My job is to write/create tutorial lessons for grades 2nd - 8th as well as tutor two days out of the week. It is a big job since I don’t teach middle grades…I guess I do now…lol and I have to be able to teach what I prepare for the students. I work with the teachers so that my lessons correspond to what the students are learning that week or what they may need extra help mastering. Also, my school just purchased Study Island and I have to train the teachers and the students on how to use the program. If anyone has used or is using it please let me know what you think of the program. Thanks a Bunch:) Whew! Now that’s enough about me! 
Okay! My spotlight product FREEBIE for today is POST-IT PLANNER by Primary Polka Dots! 

I love this product so much even though I haven't had a chance to print it. This is so creative and much needed. I reviewed it and will be using it everyday soon. I am the queen of Post-It Notes so this will save me from gathering my notes that are stuck in my binder and peeling through them all to make sure that I have completed all of my tasks for that day, week, etc... 

Next, is my Word Family Search. I made this one day out of the blue and it has been one of my biggest sellers. I made it for my kindergarten class and they loved it. I printed them out and put them in plastic sleeves, but you can always laminate them which I prefer. I think that I am going to update them soon by adding another font choice. What do you think? 

Alright! Thanks for visiting my blog. It's been along time. I hope you stop by again. 

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