Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Bucket List Linky!

Summer is a great time to rejuvenate ourselves! In the summer teachers find ways to relax, spend time with their family and friends, think about how to do things better or differently the next school year and so forth. I am  so excited about linking up with these wonderful teachers to share my "to-do's" for the summer.

                                                      (1) Summer Reading 
I have slacked on my reading and I can't take another moment of not being able to find a quite Starbucks to curl up in to sip on my white-chocolate latte and read. I can hear the pages crackle as they turn and that new book smell beats a Kindle and Nook any day! 

(2) Get to Running! 
When I started teaching kindergarten during the last months of the school year, I found it very hard  for me to keep up with my daily running in the mornings. Unfortunately, the daily snacks and the teacher appreciation week that went on like a family reunion has left me with unwanted pounds and inches. 

(3) Keeping Everything Peachie 
I know that I haven't been blogging as much...sometimes I do get discouraged when I only see two followers...Thanks for the encouragement!!! Then I think about well, what do teachers want to read about-anything and all things teacher-related, fun related, make our lives better related, etc. and so that it my summer job to become a better blogger, Facebooker ( If that's a word...LOL), TPTer...and anything else that I can do to contribute to the life a teacher.   

(3) HAVE FUN! 
My son is 16 years old  and my daughter is 8 years old daughter. My son will soon be off to college and my daughter a tween. I am going to try and spend every minute I can with them. The days are going by so fast and my children seem to be growing up even faster. We have all been reminded during these past months of how precious life is and that we must be grateful for every single moment. 


  1. Love your summer bucket list! I too need to get going on my reading just for fun and hoping to get going with that this summer as well! Blogging is such a fun thing because you are right it brings us all closer! I love finding new bloggers and new ideas!

    I am your newest follower! :) If you have a chance come on over to ours as well!

    Learning to the Core

    1. Thanks Amanda! Blogging is fun and I love finding new bloggers and ideas as well. I will be hopping over to your blog in just a minute!

  2. As I read more of these bucket lists mine gets longer. I need to get a few books to read this summer too. I can't wait to spend more fun time with my little boy and hubby this summer.
    I'll have to check out your TpT store too since my son is in preschool.

    I have a giveaway for some educational dvds. Feel free to stop by if you are interested.

    1. Thanks Lorena! It is great to see all of the "things to do" this summer on everyone's list. It would be great if we could combine all of them and create Teachers Top 100 Summer Bucket List! Maybe I will, that's another "to-do" on my

  3. I can relate to your summer plans. Especially the running and reading:)

  4. Barbara,it is going to be hard for me to get back to running. We got out of school on the 16th and I just keep putting it off. My bed is much more comfortable than hitting the sidewalk. I hope tomorrow will be the day...LOL


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