Thursday, December 20, 2012

Teacher Goodies Day 1

Mailbox Magazines! 

BOB Books Enlarged!  
                                                       Dollar Tree Gift Tags!

I have started the long road to organizing my teacher goodies. I found glasses that I purchased from the famous Dollar Tree and a birthday activity book that I am unsure of its origination. My Mailbox magazine were given to me from a retired teacher. They date back all the way to the 80's! I love BOB Books. I was lucky to get the activities created by before a legal matter caused her to remove the materials. I enlarged the books because I like big books and the students get a kick out of seeing the characters in the story so big. Since we are in the winter season I thought I would share a quick and easy way to get in sorting, counting, adding, subtracting and the like out of one set of inexpensive set of holiday tags that I also purchased from Dollar Tree. 


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    1. Thank you for such a warm welcome! I am just trying to get myself adjusted into this new and exciting world of blogging. I am hopping over right now to visit your blog and again thank you!


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