Saturday, January 5, 2013

Year in Review!

Happy New Year! Are you a Common Core Junkie? Well, this package will be a great addition to your addiction. I created this package using the Common Core Standards for grades K-1st. It is filled with worksheets and hands-on activities-more than 50 pages! Also, some of the activities if not all of them can be laminated and used with your learning centers

This package will help you meet those required standards while not boring your students. These activities can be used as before/after assessments, morning work, homework, enrichment and the like. 

Let's See What's Inside! : 
-Counting Chart Activities (pgs. 3-7)
-Counting How Many (pgs. 8-13)
-What’s That Number ?(pgs. 14-15)
-Number Order 0-20 (pg. 16)
-More, Less or the Same (pgs. 17-18)
-Comparing Numbers w/ activity cards >,<,= (pgs. 19-22)
-Counting in the New Year (pgs. 23-24)
-Who’s In First? (pgs.25-26)
-Make It Ten! {Word Problems} (pgs. 27-28) 
-Blank Template ( pgs. 29-30)
-Subtraction Practice w/ 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, & 5s (pgs. 31-35)
-Stamp the Place Value (pgs. 36-37)
-True or False-Addition and Subtraction Equations w/Answer Key (pgs. 38-41)
-Base Ten Counting (pgs. 42-43)
-What Time Is It ? & Clock Template (pgs. 44-47)
-Graphing in the New Year (pg.57)
-Shaping Up the New Year (pgs. 58-61)
-Let’s Fix That Sentence!/commas, periods, question marks, -exclamation marks (pg.62)
-Awesome Adjectives (pgs. 63-64)
-Searching for Nouns and Verbs (pg.65)
-Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns (pg.66)
-Past-Present-Future Tense (pg. 67)
-Singular and Plural Verbs (pg. 68)
-Conjunctions (pg. 69)
-Prepositions (pg. 70-71)
-Common and Proper Noun Cookies (pgs. 73-74)
-Capitalization (pgs. 75-76)
-Sight Word Scramble (pgs. 77-79)
-Closing and Contact Information (pg. 80) 

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