Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Long Day!

I have been running all day! I woke up this morning and got my daughter ready for school…normal, but my god-daughter came over at the last minute and spent the night...totally threw me. I went to bed late and woke up late which is okay for me and daughter since we only live four houses away from her school, but my god-daughter's school is almost a 15 minute drive with traffic and we didn't get up after 7 and they still needed to eat breakfast and shower. I usually cook breakfast, but this was going to have to be cereal morning. I got the girls ready-curls, ribbons and all. My daughter was on time, but my god-daughter was going to be late! OMG...her mother dropped her book-bag off after they went to sleep and she didn't want to go to school without finishing her HW :( What was I supposed to say? She finished it in the car. WHEW! Then when I returned home...I washed the dishes-cleaned the kitchen, living room, bathroom, mopped all over and cleaned base boards. Then I walked the dog and stopped by his Vet which is at the end of his walk to drop off his poop. Can you say too much? Then we walked back home. It was 11 a.m. Then I took my son to his Japanese class. He has to be there by 11:45...I took a break and went to Moe's for lunch, but I wasn't hungry so I just ate my queso and chips. My son's class was over at 1:00 and then I took him to his next school to pick-up his work for the rest of the week and then we made a few more stops before heading home. Okay, by now my head is bobbing in the car and it is not because of the music. I was totally exhausted. Thank God my husband picked up our daughter and cooked dinner before he went to work because I fell asleep when my body hit the sofa. So now I'm up late and just remembered that I have literature circles with my daughter's class tomorrow or today depending on when you read this. LOL. I updated the rubric because it was OLD...it had ran through the copier too many times and needed a complete overhaul (Yes. I like that show :)  We will be reading and discussing the book Frindle by Andrew Clements. Click the link to get the updated Literature Circles Rubric. Goodnight or Good morning.   

PS Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors...ZZZZZZZZZZ             


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Love your blog and you sound like a great educator.


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    1. Thanks! I hope you are having a great summer!


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