Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter Activities

I have been so busy these pass months with working and leading my daughter’s literature circle at school plus a ton of other things and when I thought that I could slow down! My mommy had an emergency and now she is living with me for a while. I love it! I love being with her and taking care of her. She is such an awesome mommy and she makes me laugh EVERYDAY!
She has Parkinson’s and it has slowed her down a bit and so she will be with me until after the holidays. I wish it could be forever. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I am delighted that she is here because it is so hard to share with her what I am doing since she doesn't have the internet and it is a lot trying to pack all that I want to tell her in a text message to my sister’s iPhone…lol. Anyway, she is here and the whole family is thrilled. She is my BEST-FRIEND! Since I won’t be adding anything else to my store expect one more product for the winter season, I thought that I would pack it all in one BIG post and so here it is-all the goodies that you can use to take you through the holiday/winter season. These packets are great for math/literacy centers, whole & small groups as well as it will complement any lesson plan. I updated several packets and I am still working on the last one, but I won’t be making anything else until about February. Also, don’t forget to check out my Year in Review for the New Year! I wish you all the best and a Happy & Safe  Holiday! As Always Thanks for Following Me :)    

 Winter Activities to last
 the whole season long!

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