Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Junie B. Jones & the Stupid Smelly Bus Tour!

We met Junie B. Jones today and it was a wonderful-delight! My son had a writing workshop today at the library and on my way back from my walk with Chloe in downtown Decatur we saw the BUS! This wonderful, pink-bubble gum colored bus! We stopped in our tracks as the bus parallel parked in front of the library. I think I was more excited than Chloe...LOL. I love a FREEBIE and this was a free event. We ran down the stairs to get in line and wait for the interactive story-time by Junie B. herself and Mr. Woo-the bus driver. The girl that portrayed Junie B. was just as energetic as the character in the book. After the performance, we met the actors and  Chloe took pictures and got her book stamped. We all had a great time! What freebies does your local library sponsor during the summer?  

Chloe and Junie B. Jones 


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